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Application Form Below - All Applications Due by April 27th 2021

The Soul Junior Assistant Program is designed for athletes within the club who are looking to develop their leadership and communication skills. We are looking for candidates who want to share their passion for volleyball.  We want athletes who will serve as leaders and role models on and off the court for younger members of the club.

Our goal is to give our Assistants the opportunity to gain confidence, pride and a sense of community and accomplishment while developing their communication and leadership skills.  

If selected they will take part in a three-part course that includes coaching and leadership instruction, practicum and debriefing.

Leadership Instruction 

All selected members will take part in a one hour coaching conference with our Head Coach, Andrew Hinchey on Tuesday May 25th via Google Meet from 4:30-5:30

This will be followed by a live training session on the court on Thursday May 27th 4:30-5:30. 

Students will learn about a wide variety of effective communication techniques and strategies. Also included will be general leadership strategies that can be applied on and off the court to help develop character.

Practicum Experience 

The Junior Assistants will receive a schedule for their Practicum where they will be working with a younger group of athletes alongside a mentor Coach who will give them instant feedback and they will have the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience using their newly learned strategies and techniques. The students will have the choice of working with their mentor coach for 5 weeks in either of our evening Spikes programs (Mon/Wed, Tuesdays, or Sundays)


At the end of the course each Junior Assistant will have a short debrief meeting to identify their strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Certificate of Completion

At the conclusion of the practicum the athlete will be a certified Soul Beach Junior Assistant and they will receive a certificate stating their accomplishments and experience.

Soul Junior Assistant T-shirt

Included in the program is a Soul Junior Assistant T-shirt

Cost: $179


To apply for the Soul Junior Assistants Program please fill out the form below, all applications must be submitted by April 27th 2021.



Applications Deadline Closes April 27th 2021

Thanks for submitting!