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Peterborough Programs


PTBO Spikes

Ages 7-11     Beginner / Intermediate
🏐Fun & Exciting Lessons
Skill Development
🏐Nightly  Gameplay

Designed for children looking to have fun in the sand while learning the basic skills of beach volleyball. They may have some experience or be new to the game! 

PTBO Champions

Ages 12-16     Beginner / Intermediate

🏐Fun & Exciting Lessons

🏐Skill Development

🏐Nightly  Gameplay

Designed for athletes looking to have fun in the sand while practicing the skills of beach volleyball. Each session involves fun and exciting drills to learn the skills of the game while developing resilience, focus and teamwork. 

PTBO Inspire

Ages 12-18     Advanced
🏐Elite Training
🏐Skill Development

🏐Nightly  Gameplay

The ‘Inspire’ program is designed to take your game to the next level. With and Outstanding Coach to Athlete Ratio and insight from the Canadian National Team Program.

2's Gameplay League

Ages 12-18    All skill levels
🏐All  Gameplay

The Soul 2's Gameplay League provides the opportunity for our athletes to compete safely and locally here in Peterborough. This is an excellent opportunity for athletes to show off the skills and strategies they have learned in their programming in meaningful game situations, while having a great time with their friends!


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